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Terms of payment

1.The unit price showed on our website is all in USD dollars, if you choose the other currency when paying please exchange in full amount. The unit price is just for the items cost, not including your local any customs clearance fees and duties.

2.We can accept payment by Paypal, Wire transfer (T/T), Alipay, E-Check and L/C;

3.It’s instant to account by Paypal and Alipay, as a suggestion please choose Paypal with an order amount below US$3000. We welcome our members to pay with Paypal account balances or debit card account balances (not credit card), so that the payment can arrive rapidly and you will get a fast delivery;

4.It takes normally 2-5 workdays for the Bank transfer (T/T) to arrive, as a suggestion please use it with an order amount over US$3000;

5.Western Union Payment is also speedy but we have to go to the bank counter to deal with, which is not convenient to withdraw;

6.The E-check payment of Paypal need 5-7 workdays to square up, as a suggestion please do not use it if you need the goods urgently;

7.L/C is used only with an order amount over US$100,000;

8.The unit price on our website is not including the handling charge, and it will be for the purchaser’s account when complete an order, please refer to the following details:

   Paypal: 4.4%+USD$0.5, the rate will be adjusted according to Paypal INC policy;

   By bank: USD$35 per payment;

   By L/C: USD280 per bill;

   By Western Union: US$35 per bill;

   Above handling charge is not including your handling fee of local remittance, which will be for the purchaser’s account;

9.Alipay can only accept RMB payment, USD dollars and other currency are not available for the moment;

10.We will send out the goods within 1-3 workdays after receiving the payment, except some special or made-to-order items which need to confirm the delivery time;

11.Please make sure to send payment to our officially designated account, and double check the account number before transferring to avoid any mistakes, otherwise we will not be responsible for any wrong transferring.

12.Please inform or provide us the payment document so that we can check from our side;

13.In case the payment we received does not match with the order amount, we reserve the right to require the purchaser to pay the full amount before sending the goods;

14.Rizheng reserves the final interpretation right for above clauses.