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20220113 Rizheng Members' Day

Dear customers,

Happy New Year!

Welcome to visit our website www.PenkitsMall.comMany old and new products are on sale, you could use your ID to place the order online directly. Please help to check the following picture to know more, if you could not open it correctly, please click this link http://www.penkitsmall.com/data/20220113180630_22.jpg to view, thank you.

Hot tips: We will be on a long holiday from Jan 29th to Feb 7th, 2022 for our Chinese New Year. The express company also will be closed soon before our holiday. If you need to stock up the goods recently, we suggest you could arrange for the order in advance, thus we could dispatch them for you timely, thank you. Maybe the freight will be increased before our CNY holiday, kindly take note.

Yours Sincerely,

Xiamen Rizheng  Service Center




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