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Rizheng encouraging discount!

Dear customers,

We wish you and your family a Happy New Year and All the best. ^_^

We have a rough statistics of your purchasing amount this year. According to our company's reward policy, we have given you the corresponding discount in New Year (kindly please check it in your Member Info). This discount is exclusive, we only offer it to our regular customers. The longer member you are, the more discount you can get. Also the discount factor will be added more based on your orders, please kindly note.

Since the 2019-nCoV has not been effectively controlled, the economy is still in the doldrums. There are also many uncertain factors in the future. In order to reduce the stress of your company, after careful consideration, we decided to keep most prices same before June 30, 2021. Although we lost nearly 10% of our profits due to the lower exchange rate(US to RMB), we hope to work together with you to overcome the difficulties.

When the epidemic situation is relatively stable and the economy recovers better, or it is beyond what we can bear, we will apply to you to adjust the new prices. At that time, we hope to get your understanding and support.

Many old and new products are on sale again. Most of profucts are on promotion, you can get the best price if you are our website member. Welcome to place the order online directly.

1. RZ-BP22#-G Gold teacher pen kits

2. RZ-BP60#-GC Gold twist bullet pen kits

3. RZ-BP66#-CHR Chrome Deco pen kit

4. RZ-LO10#-CHR Chrome letter opener kits

5. RZ-018-SM Trapezoid wooden pen box

We look forward to doing more business with you in the New Year. Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Xiamen Rizheng Services Center



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