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Work Name:Churchill Roll Pen
Work Experience:

This is my first time to DIY a pen.

Work Description:

acrylic pen,this is my first time to DIY a finished pen. it is cool. i will try a wooden one next time. Please wait for me. lol If you like it, please give a \'like\' lol

Upload time:2016-05-10 04:45:26pm

Posted by:xmrzgn

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  • 2016-05-19 11:13:50am#2


    Jack Zhong


    Wow, so beautiful. Keep waiting for you to DIY more finished pen. Fighting!

    Irriss : thank u
    2016-05-26 10:27:19
  • 2016-05-11 02:18:16pm#1


    Jack Zhong


    That looks excellent !  What is the more important, you can enjoy the process of making the pen and feel the sense of accomplishment after finishing it.  Good job. LoL!

    Irriss : glad that you like it. So sad that it is out of shape in the photo,omg
    2016-05-12 10:56:06
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