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20200730 Rizheng Members' Day

Dear customers,

You are invited to visit our website www.Penkitsmall.com. Many old and new products are on sale again. Most of promotion products are 15% off the regular price, you can get the best price if you are our website member. 

1. RZ-BP259#-G Gold handy pen kits

2. RZ-BP259#-GM Gun metal handy pen kits

3. RZ-BPCL267#-AS Antique silver new revolver click pen kits

4. RZ-BPCL267#-ABP Antique bronze polish new revolver click pen kits

5. RZ-BP293#-G Gold mini necklace pen kits

6. RZ-BP293#-CHR Chrome mini necklace pen kits

7. RZ-BPTS327#-G Gold screwdriver stylus pen kits

8. RZ-BPTS327#-CHR Chrome screwdriver stylus pen kits

9. RZ-BPTCL373#-CRE Chrome+Red multicolor stylus pen kits

10. RZ-BPTCL373#-CBL Chrome plating+ Blue multicolor stylus pen kits

PS: One more thing for your attention, if you have any idea (we can design for you) or any products popular in your market, not limited to pen kits such as project kits, woodturning tools, pen boxes etc, welcome to send us a picture or a link. As a return you can enjoy 20% discount for the recommended product on your first order once the production is ready, and the 20% discount will be deposited into your credit account for future purchase within 6 months. Thank you in advance for your kind recommendation.




















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