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Rizheng Cash Back Promotion!

Hi Members,

Good news for you.

In order to thank you for your kindly support and cooperation in the first half of 2019, we have a cash back promotion from Jul 8th to Jul 18th, 2019. If you place the order on our website www.PenkitsMall.com in this period and finish payment before Jul 19th, 2019( Beijing time), you can get 5% discount of your actual item cost as the cash back. 

For example, if your actual items cost is USD$1000, you can get USD$50($1000*0.05) as the cash back. If ii is USD$5000, you can get USD$250($5000*0.05) as the cash back. The cash back will depend on your actual items cost of this order. 

1. This promotion is only suitable for the retail products on our site, and the wholesale order will not be included;
2. When the order is finished, we will add the cash back in your account's credit and you can use it in future order before Aug 30th, 2019.

Hope you can catch this precious opportunity to save the cost. 

Best regards,

Xiamen Rizheng Service Center



Post by:2019-07-08 11:56:10am