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Work Name:Corian Quartz Ring
Work Experience:

Hobbist wood turner

Work Description:

Corian ~ Quartz Effect 3 Piece Ring Core Size 11 Core / 9mm Central Band 50mm Corian blank was bored out starting with a 16mm bit then slowly to size using a sharp bowl gauge and parting tool, Finishing off the hole with 60gt sandpaper to get a extremely tight fit and make it rough for glue to anchor on, 2 Pieces of core assembled, Corian glued in place using gorilla glue gell, then 3rd piece of core compressed on, Using the bandsaw to make it roughly round then transferred onto ring mandrel to finish with HSS tooling, Sanded up to 12000gt and lightly polished with T-Cut to get a extremely gloss finish.

Upload time:2022-10-26 12:07:44am

Posted by:Countrysidewoods

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